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This is Izabella, a beautiful blonde from Kiev, Ukraine. Izabella is a tall and voluptuous girl with big natural breasts and a full and firm ass. She is a very lively girl who loves to pose for the camera. You will certainly appreciate her natural talent as she flaunts her goods with an effortless smile.

Izabella is a veterinarian and an animal lover. She is a very sensible girl who gets very angry when she sees cruelty against animals. She has a leaning for cats over dogs, and has a beautiful kitten of her own. She loves her little pet. It’s a very nice cat, she says.

Izabella likes to eat healthy food. She is a vegetarian, and she loves vegetable salads and tropical fruits. She can’t resist ice cream, though. And chocolate might also find its way to her, but not very often. As a rule, she keeps her diet balanced and lean.

You might think that such a beautiful girl would spend a lot of her time just taking care of her looks, but not only does Izabella plan to continue her education, but also she spends a lot of her time reading books, watching movies, and enjoying introspective pleasures. Her favorite novel is Stendhal’s The Red and the Black. As a rule, she likes all things French, including rap music.

Izabella loves to travel, and her work as a model has taken her to several countries, where she mostly spends her free time seeing the sights and touring the museums. She enjoys being surrounded by beauty, and can’t see time fly while she is contemplating a beautiful painting or sculpture. Izabela says the list of beautiful things she loves is endless, but when we pressed her to name one thing, anything, that would symbolize beauty for her, she didn’t hesitate to mention Botticelli’s Birth of Venus.

If you have have a chance to please her, try flowers. Maybe you can even bring them in her favorite colors, which are black and purple. Tulips would be fine.

The photos illustrating this profile are taken from a gallery called Polka Dots, which will be published in full on Nakety.com.

Izabella erotic model

Izabella erotic model

Izabella Fact Sheet:
Age: 21 – Height: 5′ 10″ – Weight: 143 lbs – Bust: 37″ – Waist: 25″ – Hips: 37″ – Cup: D
Eye Color: Blue – Hair Color: Blonde – Tattoos: None – Piercings: None
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