Interview with Erotic Model Izabella

It’s with great pleasure that we publish our first model interview. We interviewed the erotic model Izabella exclusively for, and came up with some candid revelations about this gorgeous blonde from Ukraine. Izabella really enjoys her work, and that is why she does it so well. It takes much more than just good looks and a hot body to be a really great model, and Izabella has what it takes. She loves being naked in front of the cameras, and she poses with such a natural enthusiasm that it is impossible to resist her charms. By publishing this interview we hope to bring Izabella closer to her fans, and to show how an interesting and nice woman she is in real life.

Interview with Izabella:

Nakety: What genres of modeling do you do?
Izabella: I work mostly in nude styles, and sometimes girl-girl. I also shoot fashion, every now and then.

Nakety: How did you decide to become a model? How did you get started?
Izabella: I just saw a casting announcement and thought “why not?” It really was my destiny. I just went there and shot for FemJoy. I was never shy, and I have no regrets so far.

Nakety: What makes you most excited about working as a model?
Izabella: I can express myself, travel, meet nice people. It all makes me feel happy, in this kind of work.

Izabella taking a bath

Nakety: What do you think was the most important factor to your success as a model?
Izabella: It’s difficult to say. I do not have the kind of success of a model like Mila Azul, for example. It’s just that some people like me because of my smile, hair, body, and my way to perform. Most of all it’s the smile. Strange, isn’t?

Nakety: How do you decide which photographers/jobs to accept?
Izabella: When you are talking to them you can already understand a lot about their seriousness. About the jobs… I just don’t do what I don’t like to do. Easy.

Nakety: Do you travel for work only when invited or do you organize your own tours?
Izabella: I like to do a mix. My manager helps me find shoots, and also I find a few by myself. Not so long ago, I was in Italy and did it all on my own. It was quite difficult, but I think it was not because of me. It’s just that the country is like that.

Nakety: What are you favorite places to shoot? Hotels, studios, beaches, forests, where?
Izabella: Nature is the perfect location. I always have a lot of inspiration there. Sometimes I like nice hotels, too, but it’s not so much fun.

Izabella relaxed in bed

Nakety: What are your favorite hobbies? What do you do when you are on your sofa at home?
Izabella: I like to watch movies, read books, go to the park, speak with my mom and friends, hug my cat, and eat.

Nakety: Do you ever feel that people will look at your pictures with sexual desire? Do you feel it when you are posing? And how does it feel?
Izabella: Yes, in a lot of shoots the guys look at me with desire. Sometimes it helps to be more professional, more sexy.

Nakety: When away from the cameras, how erotic is your personal life? Do you feel sexy and desirable? Are you shy?
Izabella: Sometimes I’m more shy when I’m with man than when in front of the camera, but it’s okay. I feel sexy almost all time, and I really believe that I’m good at this.

Nakety: Can you tell us something about your sexual preferences, your likes and dislikes, your dos and don’ts?
Izabella: I have some specific taste — it’s secret, don’t tell anyone [smiles] — I like more rude stuff. Try to think about this, guys!

Izabella with open legs in the kitchen

Nakety: What does a man or a woman need to impress you? What are the most important qualities in a sexual partner?
Izabella: I don’t care so much about the body or the face. It’s more important what people have inside. Their souls, their behaviour. Well, if I drink a little I will not care! [laughs]

Nakety: What are your plans for the future, as a model, and as a woman?
Izabella: A few months ago, I decided that I needed to be more serious and think about my future, but now I’m completely happy with how I live this life. So let’s look into what I’ll do after two, three, four years.

Izabella Fact Sheet:
Age: 21 – Height: 5′ 10″ – Weight: 143 lbs – Bust: 37″ – Waist: 25″ – Hips: 37″ – Cup: D
Eye Color: Blue – Hair Color: Blonde – Tattoos: None – Piercings: None
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